19 November, 2008

Boy displays matchbox with insect inside
Location: Hannibal, MO, US
Date taken: 1970
Photographer: Vernon Merritt Iii
Size: 1280 x 1270 pixels (17.8 x 17.6 inches)

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11 November, 2008

Identify your Bug

To identify your bug, choose the kind of insect it is from the categories below. You'll see images of many common species in that category and hopefully one that looks like your specimen.

There are more types of beetle than of any other creature on Earth. You're unlikely to find many of them in your back garden, however, there are hundreds of types of beetle and bug that you can find around the home.

03 November, 2008

Champion of the Duesseldorf Spider Training Camp

13 October, 2008

The firebugs' family-dinner.

08 October, 2008

The Battle of the Beatles

07 October, 2008


Garten-Kreuzspinne (Araneus diadematus)

04 October, 2008

Schnarke (Bilbao - Aeropuerto of course)

Schnake (Tipulidae)
Insects Painting (San Sebastian, Spain)

Insect Traces (Mimizan, France)

Broken Butterfly (Mimizan, France)

Beach Beetles (Mimizan, France)

Guggenheim (Bilbao)

Louise Bourgeois (Wikipedia, 3sat)

15 September, 2008

Love Bugs: Sex in the Insect World

By J R Evans
Violent Death in the Insect World

By R J Evans

13 September, 2008

Mantide di Roma

11 September, 2008

Spider at the Window

Garten-Kreuzspinne (Araneus diadematus)

10 September, 2008

Control your own 3D Spider

03 September, 2008

Scholts Schpider

01 September, 2008

Pearing Wasps

22 August, 2008

Mini Jumpin' Spider

Ice Moth

17 August, 2008

Pub Spider In Blue Mood

Weberknecht that likes Bike-Spinning

09 August, 2008

Basil on Bike

08 August, 2008

Silky Moth (Byron Bay)

Broken Butterfly (Cairns)

Circular White Spider-Web (Cairns)

Tree Bug (Cairns)

Spider (Cairns)

Red Cocroach (Cairns, Australia)

Flying Cicadas (Sydney)

Strange Insect Art (Sydney)

Webbed Wasp-Nest (Sydney)

Insect Eggs (Sydney)

Cicada (Australia)

Bullant (Australia)

07 August, 2008

Bike Spider

Green-tailed Greenhopper

01 August, 2008

Weberknecht Invasion

Article (Spiegel.de)

31 July, 2008

Ingrain Spider

Green HouseHopper

30 July, 2008

Bee Shirt

02 July, 2008

Fat Fly

30 June, 2008

Hummel - It's a hard life on the road!

25 June, 2008

Spanish Spider

05 June, 2008

Colored Tick

30 May, 2008


Zuckmückenmännchen (Chironomidae sp.)